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About Us

Since 2005, the Stephen F. Mitchell, CPA has been helping individuals, contractors and international organizations manage their accounting, tax and financial requirements in Germany. When a company does business globally, income taxes, withholding, property ownership and reporting requirements can become very complicated.

Stephen F. Mitchell, CPA, can help your company navigate through the maze of regulatory headaches with our expertise with tax and accounting issues affecting U.S. citizens living abroad. We can provide U.S. companies and individuals consultation on a variety of German and U.S. federal and state tax issues. We have established relationships with Germany Steuerberatungs (Accountants) that will help you to do the right thing and avoid regulatory problems while doing business in Germany.


Kreuhof 4

66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach



By: Appointment Only

We will help you walk the tight-rope of complex economic and financial issues while operating in Germany.